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Broadening the scope of user requirements when selecting a valve for medical devices

Valve selection usually starts with specifications that outline the required function of the valve. But specifications alone do not always reveal total user requirements – from manufacturing through clinical use. This white paper reveals how sharing information between the device engineer and valve supplier at the earliest stages helps ensure that a valve functions as expected. Discussions about material compatibility, sterilization method, criticality of function and other areas ensure a device that meets all of your requirements. To learn more about how to optimize the performance of your medical device through proper valve selection, click here.

Applying a quality systems approach to improve supply chain management

Learn to manage your supply chain more efficiently by establishing best practices for selecting and qualifying suppliers. This white paper demonstrates how to segment suppliers on the basis of risk and monitor them to drive continuous improvement. To learn more about how to apply quality systems principles to your supply chain, click here.

Cultural Audits: What are they and why are they essential?

A cultural audit can assess the intangible elements of a supplier relationship. This white paper explains how to understand potential suppliers’ corporate mission and values, check their fiscal stability and evaluate their commitment to innovation and technology. To learn more about how you can conduct your own cultural audit, click here.

The hidden costs of multiple-vendor contract manufacturing

This white paper demonstrates how medical device manufacturers can apply time-tested, quality systems priciples to the supply chain process, especially as they relate to (1) selecting and qualifying suppliers, (2) segmenting them into categories based on potential risk, and (3) monitoring them over the short- and long-term to drive continuous improvement. Click here.


Current Trends in Medical Kit Packaging

In days of yore, when house calls were common, physicians used black leather bags to tote instruments from appointment to appointment. Those medical bags are long gone, but the logic behind them - a portable, organized, easily accessible repository for medical supplies - remains. Click here.  


allianz Magazine


Description Document Link
Issue I Spotlight on B. Braun’s global concept of “Centers of Excellence” which dedicates individual facilities to engineering and manufacturing specific product lines.
pdf (10.8 MB)
Issue II What does employee longevity mean to the OEM customer? We talk to 3 employees who have a combined total of 118 years of experience at B. Braun Medical!
pdf (8.1 MB)
Issue III A new feature looks at how B. Braun employees are making a difference in their communities. Our first spotlight is on a man who is giving children with disabilities the opportunity to participate in the excitement of long-distance running events.
pdf (5.9 MB)
Issue IV A substantial expansion is coming to the B. Braun manufacturing facilities in Allentown, Pa. - a change with the potential to bring on greater capacity and make us more versatile in the services we provide to contract manufacturing customers.
pdf (10.1 MB)
Issue V Take a look at this issue's community program about the world's most versatile of materials and how both its function and beauty affects our community.
pdf (9.0 MB)
Issue VI Join us in welcoming B. Braun Medical's new Chairman and CEO, learn more about our IV solution expansion, and find out how B. Braun is helping to develop healthcare professionals.
pdf (6.8 MB)
Issue VII A conversation with Caroll Neubauer sharing his insights on more than three decades in the medical device industry, an uplifting story of training dogs helping veterans, and making valves: the huge impact of a small component.
pdf (10.1 MB)
Issue VIII Our newest issue offers fresh industry insight and practical information to help you make more confident decisions. We also share background on our products and services as well as stories about our people (and their pets) so you can know your contract manufacturing partners even better.
pdf (11.5 MB)


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Video List

  • Broadening the scope of user requirements when selecting valves for medical devices: Sterilization Methods

    A part of our series on user requirements, this video explores how sterilization method can impact valve selection for medical devices.

  • Broadening the scope of user requirements when selecting valves for medical devices: Material Compatibility

    A part of our series on user requirements, this video explores three main areas of material compatiblity when selecting valves for medical devices.

  • Broadening the scope of user requirements when selecting valves for medical devices: Criticality of Function

    A part of our series on user requirements, this video explores the important role that criticality of function plays when selecting valves for medical devices.

  • B. Braun Goes Green

    B. Braun is an industry leader in green manufacturing practices. Take a look a some of our environmentally responsible manufacturing processes and products.

  • Changing Lives, Saving Lives

    B. Braun employees share personal experiences with the products they manufacture and what their work means to them

  • Constructing the Brooklyn Bridge

    Take a behind the scenes look at the construction of our version of the Brooklyn Bridge, made entirely of medical device components.

  • About B. Braun Medical Inc.

    B. Braun is a leading manufacturer of infusion therapy and pain management products with an environmentally-friendly focus. This clip is an overview of how B. Braun helps make infusion therapy safer for patients, clinicians and the environment.


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Description Document Link
Bulk Non-Sterile Catalog Component offering overview
pdf (3.0 MB)
B. Braun OEM Outsourcing Guide Your complete oursourcing partner
pdf (632.7 KB)
Valve Brochure Product information guide
pdf (4.2 MB)
Single-Use Standard Bag Brochure Bags and accessories for a variety of applications
pdf (2.8 MB)
Custom Kit Packing Brochure Simplify kit design and packaging
pdf (220.0 KB)
Interventional Product Offering Interventional accessories covering a multitude of applications and procedures
pdf (2.8 MB)
Safecan™ Safety Introducer Needle Used to gain vascular access for the palcement of a guidewire
pdf (872.4 KB)
Exadoral® Oral Syringe Sell Sheet Product Information Guide
pdf (321.2 KB)
Solutions Brochure IV Solutions, Pre-Mixed Drugs, and Irrigation Solutions
pdf (2.1 MB)
Non-Sterile Syringes and Needles Product Information Guide
pdf (5.7 MB)

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.


A: B. Braun’s U.S. operations were founded in 1957 as Burron Medical Products Inc. in Bethlehem, Pa. as a specialty plastic manufacturer. In 1979, B. Braun Melsungen AG acquired Burron as a wholly-owned subsidiary and changed Burron’s name to B. Braun Medical Inc. in 1992.

A: U.S. based B. Braun Medical Inc. is a member of the B. Braun Group of Companies (collectively “B. Braun”), the 12th largest global medical device manufacturer. B.Braun’s global headquarters is in Melsungen, Germany.

A:  In the U.S., B. Braun’s headquarters is located in Bethlehem, Pa.

A: B. Braun operates primary manufacturing facilities in Allentown, Pa., Carrollton, Tx. and Irvine, Calif.

A: B. Braun, CAPS and B. Braun Interventional Systems employs more than 5,000. Aesculap employs more than 500.

A: B. Braun’s mission is to manufacture products to improve the quality of patient care while also helping healthcare professionals bring time and cost efficiencies to their practice. Guided by its “Sharing Expertise” philosophy, B. Braun is committed to setting the highest standards for enhancing patient and healthcare professional safety; reducing medication errors; protecting the environment; and providing quality clinical training, best practices and information support for healthcare professionals.

A: More than three decades ago, B. Braun recognized the environmental and patient safety risks posed by products containing PVC and DEHP. As a result, B. Braun is the first medical device manufacturer to remove these harmful substances from many of its products. Today, B. Braun offers the broadest portfolio of environmentally-friendly (green) infusion therapy products, which do not contain PVC and DEHP. To learn about B. Braun’s Ever.Green. campaign and commitment to sustainability and corporate citizenship, visit, read our most recent Share Magazine and watch our green video.

A: Yes, you can request samples of our products from your account manager or sales service representative. 

A: We operate from 8 AM-5 PM EST Monday through Friday.

A: Yes, please allow 5-7 business days to complete.

A: Yes, sterile items can be purchased and shipped to an appropriately licensed facility.

A: Yes, we do. We require that a confidentiality disclosure agreement be in place in order to provide.

A: Yes. Please provide either your account manager or your sales service representative with the B. Braun part number for the product and allow 5-7 business days to complete.

A: No, we do not. Acceptable forms of payment include check, wire transfer or ACH payment.

A: We have firm net 30 day terms on all invoices.

A: Yes, please contact your sales service representative.

A: Please contact the OEM Division at 866-8-BBRAUN and you will be directed to the sales service rep responsible for handling your account. They will provide you with a New Customer Account Form to complete. Please allow 3 business days for account set-up.

A: Yes, please contact your sales service representative.