Safecan™ Safety Introducer Needle, Non-Sterile

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Designed to help reduce the risk of needlestick injury

Product Information

The Safecan Safety Introducer Needle features a patented safety clip that is designed to help reduce the risk of needlestick injury and promote OSHA compliance. Its features include:

  • Transparent hub housing designed to allow visualization of flashback
  • Funneled hub designed for smooth guidewire introduction
  • Arrow symbol and flange on clip housing indicate bevel orientation for ease of use by clinician
  • Sharp, lubricated needle tip facilitates smooth access and minimal resistance during insertion
  • Echogenic needle tip facilitates location of the needle via ultrasound
  • Manually activated safety clip reduces the risk of premature activation and provides the ability to redirect the needle prior to activation of the safety clip
  • Compact, low profile design

The Safecan Safety Introducer Needle can be purchased as a stand-alone component or integrated into a custom kit.  Sterile configurations and custom options are also available.

Contact a B. Braun OEM representative for more details.

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