CARESITE® Needle-Free Valves

Designed to prevent catheter occlusions while preventing healthcare workers from accidental needlestick injuries

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Easy to Visually Inspect

The outside housing of a needleless connector can be defined as opaque, clear or partially visible. Depending on the design this determines how much, if any, of the internal fluid path can be seen. A needleless connector with a clear outer housing allows the clinician to visually assess and confirm a proper flush has been performed. The ability to flush a needleless connector clear of blood and other infusates is vitally important.

  • Clear housing allows for visible flush confirmation
  • Open fluid path provides no fluid entrapment areas

Easy to Clean

It is imperative to disinfect all needleless connectors with an approved antiseptic and well defined protocol before each access. Nevertheless, it has been show that roughly 31% of nurses do not disinfect needleless connectors before using them1.A flat, smooth access site top can help clinicians facilitate effective cleaning of needleless connectors.

  • Smooth access surface is easy to clean and disinfect
  • Refer to educational material (CS04) for full disinfection instructions of CARESITE LAD
  • Best practices and proper aseptic technique is important when accessing any type of needleless connector

Easy to Connect

During connection a clinician's fingers can slip toward the female luer area (access site top), thus leading to touch contamination concerns of the syringe and access surface. Needleless connectors should provide a firm grip and help prevent fingers from slipping toward the access site. Minimal connection force allows for quicker and easier access.

  • Quicker access with LuerGuide top allows for easy syringe connection
  • Force comparison chart shows the ease of connection compared to other common needleless connectors

Easy to Grip

  • Easy-grip barrel designed to minimize slips and touch contamination
  • Ergonomic design that is ideal for clinician handling and patient comfort

1. Karchmer TB, Cook EM, Palavencino E, et al. Needleless valve ports may be associated with a high rate of catheter-related bloodstream infection. Abstract 307. Presented at the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America annual conference. Los Angeles; April 2005.

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