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B. Braun OEM offers hundreds of standard components that can be incorporated in wide range of sets, kits and devices. Custom options are also available.

Luer Adapters

B. Braun offers dozens of luer adapters in a variety of configurations and materials.

Burette Chambers

Our burette chamber assemblies for volume-controlled administration are available in both standard and custom options.

Drip Chamber Assemblies

B. Braun's chamber assemblies cover a range of applications and design options - including vented and non-vented, filter disk cersions and air-inlet filters which are bacterial retentive.

Capping Devices

From needle guards to screw caps, vented or non-vented, B. Braun's wide range of caps and guards has you covered.

Clamping Devices

B. Braun's clamping devices offer you a variety of solutions for your fluid flow rate requirements.

Interventional Accessories

We manufacture interventional products covering a multitude of applications and procedures. Our products are available as stand-alone items or can be incorporated into a sterile private-labeled device or kit. Custom designs are also available.


B. Braun's spike line includes single-flow, non-vented devices for use with bags or vented bottles, and dual-flow, vented devices for use with non-vented bottles. Dispensing pins are also available.


B. Braun's stopcock selction includes flow directions ranging from one- way to four-way in a wide variety of connectors. Stopcocks are available as stand-alone components, attached to tubing, or as part of a complete set.

Needles and Syringes

Our syringe selection includes inflator and control syringes in two- and three-piece configurations. Our needle offering is comprised of hypodermic and blunt needles.

Admixture Products

B. Braun offers customers one source for all of the solutions and devices to complete an admixture process. From drugs to fluids, to the final admixture, our broad product line includes DEHP-free and PVC bags and needle-free devices.

Touhy Borst Adapters

Desinged to help eliminate the backflow of fluid, our touhy borst adapter offering includes various options with and without a sideport.


B. Braun is an established leader in designing and manufaturing both standard and custom valves in small to large scale volumes. Valves are available as stand-alone components or can be incorporated into sterile, private-label kits and assemblies.

Other Components

Our other components include tri-connectors, large bore components, latex-free injection sites, and other hard-to-find items.
Not all products are registered and approved for sale in all countries or regions. Please contact your country representative for product availability.