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B. Braun is an established leader in designing and manufaturing both standard and custom valves in small to large scale volumes. Valves are available as stand-alone components or can be incorporated into sterile, private-label kits and assemblies.

Needle-Free Valves

B. Braun's needle-free valves are designed to prevent healtcare workers from accidental needlestick injuries. They are accessed with any male Luer, such as a syringe or IV adapter. The male adapter opens the valve and allows bi-directional flow. The valve automatically closes when the male Luer is removed, preventing the back flow of fluids.

In-Line Valves

In-line back check valves feature a normally open flow control disk, allowing flow in one direction while preventing back flow.

Low Pressure Valves

B. Braun's low pressure valve line includes normally open and normally closed options. Engineered to prevent back flow into primary IV container during piggyback hookup or bolus injection, the normally open valves operate with gravity/flow pressure for optimal shut-off performance. Normally closed one-way check valve opens automatically when pressure is applied. They are designed for the intermittent injection of fluids while preventing back flow.

Normally Closed Valves

Designed for the intermittent injection of fluids while preventing back flow, the normally closed one-way check valve opens automatically when pressure is applied. Standard, low and high pressure options available.


Patented normally closed manifolds are available in two- and three-port configurations.

Dual Check Valves

Dual functioning check valves provide a closed system for the transfer of fluids from one container to another. Standard and high crack pressure versions enable aspiration through one port and injection out of another port.

Aspiration Valves

These normally closed dual check valves allow fluid to be withdrawn under syringe pressure through the male luer top port. Valve facilitates aspiration of fluids to an off-line container. Ensures flow in one direction.

TRAC™ Trumpet Valves

TRAC trumpet valves manually opens a path for irrigation, then automatically closes when released. The locking version facilitates unattended continuous applications. Single-handed operation.
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