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Admixture Products

B. Braun offers customers one source for all of the solutions and devices to complete an admixture process. From drugs to fluids, to the final admixture, our broad product line includes DEHP-free and PVC bags and needle-free devices.

Needleless Dispensing Pins

B. Braun provides a wide variety of needleless dispensing pin access devices for vials, bags and semi-rigid fluid containers that are designed with shrouds and flanges to minimize touch contamination.

Vented Needles

Our needleless vented needles are designed to help ensure safety during the drug reconstitution process.

Dispensing Connectors

Dispensing connectors are used for pre-filling unit dose syringes from a large master syringe.

Capping Devices

Securely cap luer lock and luer slip syringes with color-coded caps and tamper evident caps.

Transfer Devices

Our transfer devices are designed for withdrawal or injection of medication from rubber stoppered vials.

Double-Ended Transfer Devices

Double-ended transfer devices provide rapid transfer of fluids between two containers.

Filtered Medication Transfer Devices

Remove contaminating particles with B. Braun's FILTER STRAW®, filter needles and filter assemblies.

MULTI-AD® Fluid Dispensing System

B Braun's Multi-Ad Fluid Dispensing System is designed for speed and precision during repetitive dosing procedures. It is ideal for drug reconstitution, medication dispensing, IV syringe pre-filling, unit dose medication transfer, and oral medication transfer.
Not all products are registered and approved for sale in all countries or regions. Please contact your country representative for product availability.