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Interventional Products

We manufacture interventional products covering a multitude of applications and procedures. Our products are available as stand-alone items or can be incorporated into a sterile private-labeled device or kit.

Hemostasis Valve Adapters

B. Braun's hemostasis valves are designed to help eliminate the backflow of fluid. High pressure options are available.

Hemostatic Y-Connectors

Our single and double hemostatic Y-connectors feature a precision closure gasket that hemostatically seals with or without a device in place.

Tuohy Borst Adapters

Desinged to help eliminate the backflow of fluid, our touhy borst adapter offering includes various options with and without a sideport.

Introducer Needles

B. Braun's offers a variety of introducer needles, including the Safecan™ Safety Introducer Needle that is designed to help reduce needlestick injury.

Torque Devices

B. Braun's torque devices provide guidewire maneuverability. They are available as a stand-alone component or can be integrated into a custom kit.

Guidewire Accessories

B. Braun's guidewire accessories include guidewire dispensers, guards and straighteners, as well as introducer needles. They can be purchased bulk, non-sterile or as part of a custom kit.

Inflation Syringe

B. Braun's inflation syringe provides precise control with repeatable, accurate pressure for use in the most demanding interventional procedures.
Not all products are registered and approved for sale in all countries or regions. Please contact your country representative for product availability.