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B. Braun White Papers

Information on important topics to help you work smarter.

Applying a quality systems approach to improve supply chain management.

Learn to manage your supply chain more efficiently by establishing best practices for selecting and qualifying suppliers. This white paper demonstrates how to segment suppliers on the basis of risk and monitor them to drive continuous improvement. To learn more about how to apply quality systems principles to your supply chain, request a copy.

Cultural Audits: What are they and why are they essential?

A cultural audit can assess the intangible elements of a supplier relationship. This white paper explains how to understand potential suppliers’ corporate mission and values, check their fiscal stability and evaluate their commitment to innovation and technology. To learn more about how you can conduct your own cultural audit, request a copy.

Broadening the scope of user requirements when selecting a valve for medical devices.

Valve selection usually starts with specifications that outline the required function of the valve. But specifications alone do not always reveal total user requirements – from manufacturing through clinical use. This white paper reveals how sharing information between the device engineer and valve supplier at the earliest stages helps ensure that a valve functions as expected.  Discussions about material compatibility, sterilization method, criticality of function and other areas ensure a device that meets all your requirements. To learn more about how to optimize the performance of your medical device through proper valve selection, request a copy.

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